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Welcome to Au Pair Australia:

Thank you for coming to Au pair Australia, an establised Australian Au pair agency located in Sydney. We are dedicated in providing an effortless service, for both Au pairs and Families.

Au pair Australia has more than 5 years experience in placing Au Pairs all over the country. We are currently based in Sydney and have families in all the major cities across Australia.

You want a Nanny, but what you really need is an Au pair

A nanny would be a wonderful luxury, but an Au Pair could be more practical and accessible.

Our Au Pair program is an exciting and cultural exchange program, available in France at Fille Au pair Australie, Canada, Ragazza Alla Pari, USA and other countries from Europe who wish to come and help a family with chilcare.

We are here to offer flexibility, simple solution and to make sure that each family gets the Au pair who is really aligned with its requirements. We are well aware that it is key to our success to be able to match perfectly the family requirements with the Au pair.

Why should I use an Au Pair Agency?

The advantage of using an Au pair agency is that based on the hundreds of Au pair profiles that we have in our database, we give you the certainty that we will be able to find the ideal candidate to your requirements. To most of our client, the fees we charge are considered very fair and commensurate to the time and effort we spend in finding the exact match for our clients

Who are we?
Miriam Aubert is the founder of Nanny Australia. She works with a team, who have also experienced the difficulties in combining family life and professional life. Miryam Aubert, has been an Au Pair herself during her travels when she was 23 years old. Miryam and her husband have received more than 13 au pairs from overseas in their own home in Sydney. Miryam Aubert who lived in 4 European countries, Mexico and Canada before settling in Australia, recognised that her professional and cultural background can help working parents find alternative solutions to the work/life balance. 

Benefits to families:

For our families, we make sure their get all the assistance they need in general house duties and childcare, while they provide all meals accommodation and a comfortable environment for the Au pair to be. The family (and the Au pair) gain for this experience the opportunity to learn another culture. The other big advantage is as well for the children, which can be exposed naturally to nother culture, language, which will always be very beneficial.

The main reason for the Au pair to take our program is to experience another country, another culture, another language and in this way improving their language skills as well as getting experience in housekeeping and childminding.

Families gain more free time to go out, enjoy their favourite hobbies or catch up with work, as most of the housework will be done by the Au pair and the logistics around the kids activities and linked housework will be as well taken care of. The simple fact that most house duties will be done will make a big change in every family daily routine

Managing the relationship

We will offer several key points of guidance to achieving a successful relationship with your Au pair.





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